Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Antarctica, Penguins

Adelie looking at me
This is the last Blog about Antarctica as we are nearly back in Bluff, in the south of New Zealand. Of course I have to make at least one Blog about the Penguins as we have seen plenty of them. They are just so cute, have no fear and are tremendously entertaining.
The Penguins on the way to check us out
There are so many different types of penguins the King, Emperor, Adelie and many, many more. They all live in the southern Hemisphere, so it is not possible that a Penguin says hello to a Polar Bear. But in the south, they are everywhere, from South America to South Africa to New Zealand and even Australia.
We stopped quickly at Macquarie Island, and Island that lies south of New Zealand. I have written about it before, so will not go much into the Island, apart from that it is still beautiful, but just want to show you a couple of photos of really cute Penguins we saw there. You sit there and wait and then after a while they come to you and check you out, noisy little birds.
Sandy Beach, full of Penguins
I could sit here for hours and watch them, it is just amazing to sit among thousands of Penguins, hear them, see them, laugh at them and of course small them. Yes a Penguin is really smelly and if you have thousands of them then it smells accordingly. There is Penguin pup everywhere, hehehe, so be careful where you walk.
But to be here, having the possibility to see all of them happily living here, being entertained, that is just an amazing moment and a little pup just gives the extra dimension.Penguins are such fascinating creatures, to see them in the wild is something very precious. It is difficult to imagine that less than 100 years ago they were shortly before extinction because of the oil that humans got from them. 
Orion with Adelie Penguins in Antarctica
Soon we will be sailing around the North Island of New Zealand, stay tuned for more episodes of my travels.


  1. Oh my! What a fun! I love your pictures of the penguins! They have to be one of my favorite animals! I look forward to reading more about your food blog! Have an amazing week!

  2. Hello Serena, thank you for following my Blog, yes it is a lot of fun, even so we work long hours, to go out and see the Penguins is amazing, so no worries, I have plenty more travel up my sleeve and there are some major adventures lined up....and of course loads of recipes


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