Friday, February 24, 2012

Butternut Soup with Cinnamon

Let's say, it is winter....which in many parts of the world it is, and a very cold one on top of it ( I am in mid Summer in New Zealand at the moment and the temperatures are very nice. So now in this cold winter, I like to make a heart warming soup and Butternut or Butternut Squash is a perfect vegetable to make a lovely winter soup.
Of course one can take just Pumpkin, but I prefer the taste of the Butternut, not that it really matters as a soup, but when using it as a vegetable I think Butternut is just a bit finer, more subtle. It is easier to peel as well, the Pumpkin has a very thick skin, the Butternut a bit less, so it does go easier with the peeling
But now comes the first little twist of all the readers who are in hot areas like me, this soup is delicious when served cold, so it is not really just a winter soup. When I serve the Butternut Soup cold, I like to add a little bit of freshly pressed orange juice and zests, just to give it a bit more of a tang.

Then I like to combine a bit sweetness to it, I always caramelize the Butternut (or Pumpkin) with a little sugar, then add some orange and cinnamon, it really gives a warm feeling when the soup is finished.

1 Each Butternut
1 Each Onion
50 G Butter
 40 G Sugar
5 G Salt
2 G Pepper
5 G Cinnamon
500 Ml Water
350 Ml Cream

Peel and de-pip the butternut and cut in 1 cm cubes Peel the onion and cut in julienne Saute the butternut and onions with butter and sugar in a pot without color. Add salt, pepper and cinnamon and sautée futher until the water gets drawn out of the butternut. Simmer for 10 min Add the cream and simmer for further 15 min Blend, strain and season to taste. Makes about 1 Liter of soup


  1. This soup sounds really great. I love butternut squash anything...Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is a pleasure, there are no secrets in cooking and I always believed in sharing recipes. Thanks for popping in and reading my Blog.

  3. I love squash soup, but don't make it often. When you say "pot without color" what do you mean exactly? Found you from your comment on Cookie Madness. Lovely blog you have!

  4. Thank you very much for popping in and leaving a comment. What I meant is like shallow frying of the butternut in a heavy based pot or pan, you fry, but you make sure the butternut doesn't get brown otherwise the color of the soup won't be as bright.

  5. Always a favourite with the kids.....will have to make it again in winter

  6. It is a great soup and I am sure the kids will love the slight sweetness of the soup


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