Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thank you

Just a quick not to say thank you to all the readers of my Blog. Last month was the first time since I started the Blog 2 Years ago that I had over 1000 hits in one month.

I know for many that might be very little, for me this is big and I am very happy to see that having started so small it has now so many hits. I never expected that it would go that far and it motivates me to write even more.

So again, thank you for reading my Blog and you will see, there is plenty more coming!!!!


  1. That is a big accomplishment! Many well deserved congratulations! May it continue to grow. All the best - David

  2. Thanks Dave, I see you are busy with your blog too, I love reading it. I am currently in Vietnam for two month, so watch out for more!


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