Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cyclone in Philippines

As you can see, I am back in Philippines which mean that I am hopelessly behind in posting my Blogs, but I promise that I will try to catch up. There are still 3 or 4 blogs from my Baltic and Norwegian tour with Celebrity.

By the way, Celebrity is past as well, yes unfortunately we have parted ways and Celebrity has to sail without me……I am sure they will be able to manage somehow, lol! Ah, yes and of course there are already new adventures in the pipeline, no worries; I am just waiting to sign a contract for the next two month….on a ship again.

But now, while I am here in Philippines and waiting for my Fiancée to join me as she is still working on a ship, I lived through my first cyclone! What an experience, not something one wants to do every day and we were lucky too. We live in Cavite, in the mountains close to Tagaytay, so even with the heavy rain we had no flooding like many parts in northern Philippines had. But it was still a bit scary with the wind gusts we had, the roof nearly taking off and then for next 12 hours without power.

Now everything is good again, the huge cyclone with a 650 km diameter has passed and is on the way to Vietnam, I hope it won’t get any worse. The destruction is terrible, ten thousands of people had to be evacuated, many lost their homes and some unfortunately even died. Manila was basically under water and many other provinces in the North too, especially the places close to the sea. There were mud slides and with the river being so high many roads and houses have been washed away.

I will be hopping over to Switzerland, in my new favorite airline, Qatar Airlines, I will tell you another time why I like it so much, apart from having really good prices. I will be catching up with the Blogs from the Baltic and yes, I have been cooking too so there will be more recipes

See you all around!

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