Monday, October 31, 2011


As you can guess from the title of the Blog, I am in Vietnam. I will be here for about two month and will be sailing up and down the coast and I am sure I will be able to post a couple of ineresting Blogs, there is just so much to see and eat here!
But let's start from the beginning, I am not working for Celebrity anymore and must say that I am very happy about it. OK, I will always be grateful to elebrity as I have met my Fiancee there (and I am really happy about that) and I got the experience on big ships, I mean really big, so big that even so I wanted to be more hands on, one is just running the whole day, tasting, putting out fires, organizing and actually loosing a bit touch with what one really loves, being in the middle of it and cooking and enjoying it.
So while I am looking for a new job I had this amazing opportunity to work again for Orion Expedition Cruises. I have done that before I started at Celebrity and really loved every minute. There are a lot of Blogs from my time with Orion, being in the Kimberleys in North Austalia, in New Zealand, Sub Antarctic and Antarctic, it is a great company with great crew and fantastic destinations. Check it out it is just amazing. I am now on Orion II, the new ship in the fleet and having great fun till mid December here along the coast of Vietnam

We actually came up from Singapore, we meaning the ship, me, and of course Poala, my Fiancee, as she is travelling with us as a guest (Supernummary in the crew list) but after a tough contract she needs a bit of a rest and Orion was happy to have her with me on board which is really great!
So the first stop is Ho Chi Minh City where we had loading and our guest all arrived. I was very lucky to meet again with a supplier I have worked about five years ago, when I was here with a different ship. It was so nice seeing each other again and we went out for lunch to a Pho Noodle Soup place. It is a fast food chain, but the soups are still delicious, I will supply a recipe with my next Blog.

The city has changed a lot and there are not that many Bicicles around anymore, just plenty of Bikes, pity, I miss the sight of thousands of bicicles. The rest is still the same, the same market, the friendliness of the people, just amazing to be here!

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