Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ponta del Gada, Azores

OK, I am back on the ships, this time on the beautiful Celebrity Constellation and I can tell you, it is a real pleasure to be on board this ship. The Constellation has been “Solsticised” which means when she went to dry dock last year to get a face lift, Celebrity put some extra restaurants and bars on the ship which one can find as well on the Solstice Class ships, our flag ship ones who in my opinion are the nicest big ships on the seven seas at the moment.

So I joined in Fort Lauderdale and we had 6 days at sea before finally we saw land again, to be exact we are now in Ponta Delgada on S. Miguel Island which is part of the Acores Islands. It is still a bit fresh here but summer is just starting.

I went out a little bit and made some photos of the town, it is just so beautiful with all the restaurants and little shops. The Island itself is amazing too, worth making a week’s holiday here and explore everything. I just had a bit more than an hour and just went to town a bit. Funny enough the churches very much reminded me of the churches I have seen in Philippines, it is a bit the same style and they have been built at around the same time.

So after this wonderful day here we will be back at sea for a day before coming to mainland Europe and you will read many great stories and recipes from the places I will go. Just to say that much, I will start with a couple of cruises in the Baltics!!!!

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