Friday, August 12, 2011

Lufthansa, flying the new Airbus A380 to Frankfurt

I am flying back to work, this time to Miami and will then join the Constellation to go over to Europe, so yes, you will have many new interesting Blogs about the travel in Europe starting with the north, and then later going to the Mediterranean.

To get to work I was booked from Cape Town to Johannesburg, then on the A380 to Frankfurt and then further to Miami, a long flight again, but that is normal. So I am flying for the first time on the new Airbus A 380. Looking at the plane in the airport it is just huge, this a little fat big bird sitting there waiting to be filled with all the passengers. And now of course the big question, how was it?????

Just another flight to be honest. When one sits inside one doesn’t feel the size of the plane, the only difference is, one waits a lot longer for everything, the check in is slow, there are long queues, the food is slow, both dinner and breakfast and if one needs something special, my neighbors wanted more water, one waits forever and best goes and fetches it oneself.

I was flying Lufthansa, so one must not forget, Lufthansa doesn’t give the nice night bags with the socks, tooth brush and eye pads, I asked for the eye pads and got some delivered fairly shortly afterwards. The Cabin Attendant went to business class and got me one. Service was excellent considering the size of the plane, imagine there are 420 passengers in tourist class alone, that is a lot. Food was very good, it did not look that appetizing as you can see on the photo, they just called it beef, but the taste was delicious, it was a red wine braise beef steak, so flavorful, one could taste the red wine, the meat was marinated before it got braised, it was really a dream. OK, a bit difficult to cut, even so tender, but wow, the taste was outstanding, one of the tastiest meals I had on a plane.

The one main difference I could feel is how the plane sets off and lands. With this huge size one doesn’t feel the pull during the start and the landing was very soft too, that was very nice.
I was very unfortunate to be seated in row 60, which is next to where they prepare the food, it is a lot going on there and difficult to sleep (that is why I needed the eye patches) but it is still better than sitting close to the toilets, wow, there is a lot more happening and I don’t want to go more into be careful when you book.

But otherwise it is just another normal flight, movies were disappointing as there was just a very small choice, but service was excellent, so if you have to fly the A 380 do it, but don’t expect too much.

I think this will be the future in flying, bigger and more passengers, so we better start getting used to it, it is more economical for the airlines so of course they will go the economic way. Overall the flight was good, but then I had nice neighbors as well, an Indian couple with their 2 year old son going on holiday in Italy, we had a nice chat and then after dinner I had a good nap. Now I am in Frankfurt waiting for my connection to Miami....... will get back to you from the ship

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