Sunday, January 9, 2011

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

We are sailing again in the Caribbean, the weather is absolutely stunning and we have a fantastic crowd onboard, they really enjoy sailing with us and that makes work so much easier.
A Fantastic beach just by the town
We have 5 ports this cruise and I call it the cruise of the Saints as every island we stop is named after a Saint. There is St. Thomas, St. Croix, St, Kitts, St. Johns (Antigua) and St. Maarten. We are now on the small but beautiful island called St. Croix. There are two major towns on the islands, sort of one on each side and they are both worth seeing. We dock in Frederiksted which is the smaller of the two towns. The taxi ride takes about 25 minutes to get from one town to the other, so it is not too long.
The towns have been founded by the Danish, that is why the names are like that. There are still many historical buildings from that time, museums and of course Columbus' Landing. It is the most eastern part of the United States. It is very close to St. Thomas, only 19 miles south, but it is a lot more relaxed then the other island. A prefect place to chill out.
The old Danish Fort from 17.....something
I just went out a bit to see the town as I haven't really had the time to go out here yet and I have to say, wow, what a quaint little town. OK, there are again, the same shops like always, but it is just sort of so beautiful here. So I made a couple of photos to show you the beauty of this part of the island.

There is 3 Kings day today here in town, of course nothing is happening on the island, it is a Saturday and there is just a big traffic jam in the little town as there is a big parade. I think the whole island is here, lots of fun, lots of booze and plenty of people doing sweet little nothing, what a way to pass the weekend!
The Carnival

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