Monday, January 24, 2011

Private Island in Bahamas

We are on one of the two private Islands Royal Caribbean owns. It is very exclusive as one needs to sail with us to be able to go to the islands.
For us it is nice too as we have a lovely change of scenery, not to be surrounded by steel the whole day, but fresh air, heat, sand and beach. Yes we have time too to enjoy our time, there is lots of crew coming out, we have a special crew line where they have their own BBQ and there is always a great atmosphere.
On our menu looks like this:

Home marinated Pork Spare ribs
Mediterranean herbs roasted Chicken
Hamburger with condiments
Hot Dogs
Tender Minute Steaks
Lime marinated Seafood Skewers
Everything has to be off loaded early in the morning, so we have to pack all the goods on pallets, wrap them properly and keep them in the fridge overnight. Then in the morning we get them to the loading area and off we go.
Like I said, there are two private islands, the one is in Cococay, Bahamas and the other one is Labadee, Haiti. The second one is extremely secluded and shut off from anybody, so whatever the news say about Haiti, it does not affect our spot. The one we are on now is called Cococay and is a lovely small island with all the facilities one likes to have. There is diving and snorkeling, there are jet ski (loads of fun, we did them once) then there are great children playgrounds; there is kayaking and para sailing and of course the glass bottom boat to go out with. And after all these activities one gets hungry and thirsty and there we go, [plenty of bars and one big central grill were we serve the food. There is a second grill, but we are too small a ship to open both (if one can say 1800 guest is small). As we have a lot of people who are not the best in walking anymore, we have these special beach wheel chairs, don't they look funny with the large tires? I was blown away when I saw them the first time and had to laugh, but in the sand they are really handy!
Now we need to have a recipe again, we had so many Blogs with travel, now we need recipes again, so today we have our own marinated pork ribs.The recipe is very simple and I give just the bsic ingredients as one can add and leave away as one feels like.

For the basting

BBQ Sauce
Soja Sauce
HP Sauce
Worchestershire Sauce

I take the BBQ sauce as a base and then add the other sauces, most of them you have in your cupbpard. I don't add too much, just a bit to refine the BBQ sauce. Especially the honey gives it a lovely sweetness to it.

Then I take the whole raw rib and make sure I have a lot of marinade on top. I then cook it in the oven at 180 C (350 F) till they are nearly done. Only then I will put them on the BBQ to give it the nice smokey flavor.
Here is the shopping section!!!!!!!

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