Thursday, January 20, 2011

Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas
Wow, what a hotel complex, it is just huge. So after having gone to Nassau already 5 times this season, it was about time to pop in this super huge hotel and have a look around. One can see it already from far with the huge bridge suite between the two major hotel towers.

The best way from Nassau is actually by Water Taxi. It takes god 10 minutes and only costs $6.00 per person for a round trip, the taxi costs more and one is guaranteed to get stuck in traffic. To we just hopped out the beautiful Celebrity Mercury, walked for good five minutes through the terminal, and just there is the water taxi stand. Shortly after that we were on Paradise Island.

From the ferry terminal everything is very well marked and it is a leisurely stroll to the hotel. There is the Marina with plenty shops and restaurants, very quiet during the afternoon, but that has its charm too. The shops are far too expensive, and I mean too expensive, so we just browsed a bit on the way to Atlantis.

Now, the hotel has a lot to offer if you stay there, book a tour or buy a ticket for the water world, otherwise, if like gambling, that is the perfect place. The Casino is big and has plenty of space and some amazing glass sculptures from the same artist who did them when I went to the botanical garden in Miami (there is a blog about it too). Here is a photo of the sculptures, they are absolutely amazing to see.
Then of course there is a huge aquarium in the main hotel lobby, it is lovely to just walk along and see all the fishes behind the glass, especially the huge Sting Rays, they float so majestically through the water, that was a highlight.
The only other thing that of course caught my attention is Nobu’s Restaurant, I made a photo of the menu, I just love Nobu’s food, it is just amazing. Of course the restaurant is only open for dinner, so there is no way to go in there and have a delicious meal, but one can at least read the menu and dream of it. Nobu has many restaurants all over the world and they are all fantastic. It is a partnership between him and Robert de Niro who loved his food so much that he went into partnership with him, one of the restaurant ventures of a Hollywood Actor that is really working.
Anyway, now we saw Atlantis and no, we did not get a T Shirt, just some photos and some lovely memories, photos and yes, maybe one day we will go back there, the water world looks like a lot of fun and there are so many restaurants to try out. Of course there is the casino as well, but not being a gambler, it doesn't excite me too much.
The Lobby

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