Friday, January 28, 2011

Meeting interesting people on my travels

Working on a ship has never a dull moment and more, one always meets interesting people like the one I met last cruise. She is a chef from India cruising with us and having a fantastic time. We had time to chat a bit and it was great talking to a fellow colleague. Her name is Gujan Goela and she specializes in Vegetarian Indian Cuisine. She advises one of the major hotel groups in India about the vegetarian cuisine. I really loved talking to her and I am sure if we would have had more time we would have ended up in the galley cooking up some lovely recipes, but, alas, as usual, there are rules and regulations and another 1800 guest who want to be fed, so we kept it just with the chatting about food and what we did in the past.

Then I was treated with some Indian Sweets she took with from India, what a lovely combination of sweet and spicy and some of them were very refreshing, completely different flavors than what we are used to.

Then I met another very interesting person, his name is Reed Hellman and he is a wordsmith. Ever heard of such a profession? I am sure you have, just under a different name…..he is a writer. But in the medieval times when most people could not write, they had a profession called wordsmith. So he is writing a lot about food and I looked at his blog and like it a lot, of course he writes about food. He was traveling with his lovely wife and we had many good times together, tasting the meals with all the chefs, having a private galley tour, just to give him a glimpse of the life in a ships galley producing around 10’000 meals per day.

I took the liberty to add their blogs on the side, just if anybody feels like browsing and having some interesting reading.

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