Monday, November 2, 2009

Rich Chocolate Tart

Yes I am baking again and this time I am playing with a new recipe for a chocolate tart. It is a chocolate ganache tart with praline inside. Everything contains chocolate, the dough, then the filling and to finish it off I have a different chocolate ganache on top. The whole tarte is very rich and is best served with some fresh berries or tropical fruit, just to cut the richness a bit.

Chocolate Pastry
200 G Flour
60 G Icing sugar
30 G Cocoa
100 G Butter
2 Ea Egg yolks

For the pastry combine all items except eggs in a food
processor till you have fine crumbs, work quickly
Add egg yolks and combine quickly to a dough
Rest for a couple of hours
Roll out 3 mm thick and blindbake in 28 cm round tart tin
Cool down completely

Praline Filling
150 G Hazelnuts, roasted
175 G Raw sugar
300 Ml Cream
400 G Milk chocolate

Make a caramel with the sugar and pour over the roast nuts
Cool down, then blend till fine
Boil up cream and milk, add to chopped chocolate.
Mix well, then add 3 thirds of nut mix to it, reserve the
rest for garnish.
Pour the praline mix in the bottom of the tart
Ganache topping
160 Ml Cream
200 G Dark Chocolate

Boil up milk and cream, then add to chopped chocolate
Mix well and pour on top of the tarte

Refridgerate over night to let the chocolate set nicely. A perfect dessert to make a bit in advance.


  1. Ooooh, this looks beyond spectacular. thanks so much for linking it in to Food on Friday: Chocolate

    1. Dear Carole
      All I can say is that this tart is decadent.....


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