Monday, November 2, 2009

Leek and Goats Cheese Tart

OK everybody, get better your helmets on, now we start cooking. I think I am on a roll. Today we are doing a leek and goats cheese tarte with baby leaves, asparagus and tomatoes. This is another favorite starter of mine, like the sun-dried tomato tart I described a while ago.

I like if a starter is easy to prepare, tasty and different than the usual stuff. The goats tart is perfect as well as a light main course during summer and of course one can play around a bit with the garnishes, dressing, salad. But enough talking, here is the recipe:

600 g Puff Pastry
800 g Leeks
300 g Goats Fresh Cheese (Chevre)
250 ml Cream
150 ml Milk
4 ea Eggs

40 ea green Asparagus tips
30 ea Cocktail Tomatoes
250 g mixed baby leaves

Roll out puff pastry and layer in 10 cm diameter tart forms, blind bake pastry case.
Cut the leeks in small squares and sweat leeks in Olive oil. Add into tart shells.
Crumble goats cheese and add to tarts
Combine Cream, milk and eggs, season and add to tarts, bake till cooked
Peel and blanch asparagus, roast cherry tomatoes in hot oven till skin blisters, wash and spin lettuce

Hazelnut Dressing
150 ml Sherry vinegar
1 ea clove garlic
1 ea shallot
70 g chopped roasted hazelnuts
200ml extra virgin olive oil
200ml hazelnut oil
10 g sea salt
5 g black pepper, from the mill

Crush garlic and shallot in mortar, add the vinegars. Season with salt and pepper, gently whisk in the oils. Adjust the seasoning. Strain out the shallot and garlic, then add chopped hazelnuts

To serve… heat tart, warm roasted tomatoes and steamed asparagus, season…dress salad construct drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and enjoy with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

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