Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Flying Again

I am sitting in Airplanes again, I am for a quick interview in Miami......more time in the air than actually here in Florida. This time I had the pleasure to fly Quantas and American Airlines.

Quantas was from Brisbane to Los Angeles, a 13 hour flight, so it better be good. The flight was fully booked, something I am getting used to, yes of course it is nice to have an extra seat, it sleeps so much better, but I think sometimes one must be happy to just get a seat. Service was good, but by far behind Singapore Airlines or Emirates. There is just enough space to sit, luckily I got an average height, so it was fine, tall people would not be too happy.

The food.....airplane food, nothing to rave about, it feeds you but that is about it, rather bland it was some red wine braised beef with peas and potatoes....An ice cream was served as dessert.....anyway, it filled the tummy. Breakfast on the other side was nice again (or I was just really hungry) Omelet with sausage, potatoes and a lovely tomato sauce, nice and chunky. Coffee was very good, so at least the morning started off well and gave me the stamina to go through US Immigration.

Then the second flight, American Airways from LA to Miami. We had already to wait an extra 90 minutes as there were technical problems with the plane which they had to fix first. Then the there anything positive to say about flying in the US? It is just another bus trip, tightly squeezed Sardines going from one place to another. The planes are usually not very clean, like this one, food doesn't exist except one buys it from the service personnel, so I was just happy that I slept most of the way, I think the only way one can survive the 4 and a half hour flight. I think the scary part is of how much these planes fly. The plane arrived in LA then got a minor clean up, got fixed then off to Miami and as soon as we were off the plane it was made ready to go further to Sao Paolo. They are non stop in the air!

So in two days I have the same coming up again, just this time the other way around. I hope especially the flight with Quantas will be a bit nicer, the first one wasn't bad but I had much better flights with this airline (guess I am a spoilt little.....) But first let's have a nice Sunday here in Miami, then interview Monday morning and back to Aussie Monday evening....

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