Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Organic Rocket

Today I like to share a special recipe with you. It is based on our homegrown rocket, something that our guests are talking about all the times. We grow very successfully rocket since many years, it is just plain big rocket, not the fancy baby one but the flavor is just incredible, it is spicy and slightly bitter, but if combines with a great olive oil and balsamic vinegar it is a delicacy.

The other recipe is a cold soup, just simply with blended rocket, without cooking it. As soon as you cook the rocket it will lose a lot of its vitamins and the spiciness of the fresh rocket. To mellow the flavor a bit I am serving the soup with a sorbet, it will just help with the overall look and of course taste

The secret to get it a little thick is one of my fancy powders, when blended it acts like a gelatin, but does not have to be heated, it just thickens the soup gently. One only needs a little bit of it. Of course one can take normal gelatin as well, just soak it in cold water and then press it out gently. Take a little bit of the soup and melt the gelatin over low fire. Then mix it with the rest of the soup. Just before serving stir it up again as otherwise the sou will be more like a soft pudding.

The I make a sorbet with it, this time it is a green apple sorbet, just to give it a different flavor, otherwise the soup will be a bit boring, the apple will give a pleasant sweetness to it

Last but not least, some almonds and olive oil, this just rounds the soup up and as all the rest of the ingredients is extremely healthy 

The recipe is for 4 friends

500 g (1 lb) Rocket
500 ml (0.5 pint) Vegetable stock
4 leaves Gelatin
4 scoops Apple sorbet
20 ml Olive oil
36 Each Almonds, peeled

Wash the rocket well, then blend together with the vegetable stock. Use a high speed or thermo blender to get the best result.
Season to taste
Soak and then melt the gelatin, add to the soup and mix well
Just when serving garnish with the apple sorbet and the almonds

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