Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mango Gazpacho

Everybody knows Gazpacho, the traditional Spanish soup that is usually absolutely delicious. Sometimes one can find as well Green Gazpachos or Almond Gazpachos, but have you ever heard of a Mango Gazpacho?

OK, now you have and let me tell you, it is absolutely delicious. It is the latest addition to our Restaurant 9 A la carte menu. I am looking at the menu every month and dishes which are not performing.....better said are not selling that well, will come off the menu and something new comes. his soup is an absolute runner, it is just flies out like hot cakes. It is made like a Gazpacho, but the tomatoes are replaced by mangoes.....yes that is all, it is not a huge thing to do this soup, you can basically take your normal gazpacho recipe and just replace peppers and tomatoes with the mangoes, but just to make sure, here is the recipe

I like to serve some mangoes, almonds, croutons and cut spring onions on the side, so everybody can add as much as they like. It gives something to the dish that everybody enjoys, it is not just a plain soup, but it is something one can talk about and be individual on how much extra goods one like to have in the soup

1 Kg (2.2 lb) Mango, ripe
2 ea Tomatoes, ripe
3 ea Bell Peppers, yellow
1 ea Cucumbers
100 g (3 oz) Bread, white (toast)
150 ml (5 oz) Olive oil
1 Tblsp Sherry Vinegar
Salt, Pepper

Peel Mangoes and cut meat off the pip
Clean peppers from their seeds, cut tomatoes in quarters
Cut cucumber in pieces
Make sure there is no crust on the white bread

Add all ingredients except olive oil in a blender and blend till fine
Then add the olive oil while blending some more
Season to taste


  1. I have never heard of Mango Gazpacho but it sounds so amazing!

  2. Hi Rebecca, thanks for liking my soup, we played around a little bit and the result is this great tasting Gazpacho

  3. Thank you Medeja for visiting and following my Blog. It is a different soup than one would normally make but it really tastes great. Since we put it on the menu it is one of our best sellers

  4. During my stay at Soneva i had it EVERY evening!!! It´s soooo delicious and i´m really happy to get the recipe! Thanks a lot!!
    Now i´m searching for the right mellowly Mangos. Really hard to find in Germany.....

  5. Thank you so much for your comment and I am really happy that you enjoyed the soup. As for the Mangoes, yes it is not easy to find the right ones in Germany and I won't even start with the price you have to pay for Mangoes......Look from where they come from, Thailand is a really good country for Mangoes, and then just feel them, you want really ripe one

    If everything else fails, try to get frozen Mangoes, they are available in good shopping centers and work well for the soup

    I hope we will see you soon again here at Soneva Fushi


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