Saturday, July 6, 2013

Canapes: Dill Scones with smoked Salmon

I think the first question that comes up is, why to put dill in scones, does that actually work? Yes it does, it is a great combination of sweet and savory. I remember that I have written a blog about making scones, yes I know it is a long time ago, but this time it is actually just a variation of the other scones and it is worth while talking bout scones again. I love scones, I have them in all variations, with jam, with cheese, clotted cream or savory with salmon.

The only difference in the scone dough is that I use chopped dill in addition to the other ingredients and then that they are generously topped with cream cheese and then either smoked salmon or cured salmon.....yes cured salmon or gravid lax that had a lot of dill in the marinade. Salmon likes to be paired with something on the sweet side, it just marries perfectly with the delicate flavor of the salmon.

I have here again the recipe for the scones, just in case you have forgotten it or don't want to look for the blog with the recipe

560 G Cake Flour
10 G Baking Powder
2 G Salt
80 G Sugar
1 Each Lemon Zest
1 Each Orange Zest
30 G Dill, chopped
250 Ml Buttermilk
130 G Butter
130 Ml Water
2 Each Eggs

Sift all the dry ingredients
Mix flour and butter together
Mix everything quickly to a dough
Roll the dough out and cut out scones
Let the scones rest for at least 1 hour before baking

By the way, I have to tell you how the car launch was a lot different than expected. After the canape tasting the message came through that they don't have the budget for such elaborate canapes, so we actually sold just the normal ones. Pity as there were cars costing a fortune and we ended up serving Spring Rolls, Mini Burgers, Prawn Tempura and Chicken Lolly Pops. There was no Jaguar on show, but at least a beautiful black Land Rover Defender 110. What a stunning car it is, real rough going a car that looks absolutely indestructible.

The whole function started early, a couple of promotional movies and then the canapes, by just after 7 PM we were already finished and prepared to go home. The huge wow and pomp......maybe another time.

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