Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canapes: Lamb Chops

I am playing again, OK, the playing is actually for the launch or Jaguar and Range Rover here in Ghana, so it is something that gets showcased with some of the most amazing cars there are...yes I love Jaguar and Range Rover, so I am more than happy to create some nice and special bites for it.

The recipe for the canape of today is actually very easy, but if you serve it in the right dish it just looks absolutely stunning. To get the meat perfectly pink I first season and sear the rack on all sides, then I put it in the oven at....64 C and yes it has to be exactly 64 C if it is more it will be well done, if it is less then it will stay too rare. It takes good 45 minutes, even more to get the center temperature up to 64, but then you can actually leave the lamb in the oven as long as you want, it will not overcook as the temperature is not high enough

Now for all my friends in the States, 64 Celsius is 147 Fahrenheit.

You will see that if you want to do this method, it is a lot easier in a convection oven, the traditional ovens are a lot more difficult to have the exact temperature, but the end result is the same, you want it nice and pink in the middle

Then I add the crust and just finish the rack in the salamander to give the crust the crispness and the brown color.

I like to serve the cut rack individual with a little creamy mash potatoes, some marinated peas and a little jus, garnish with some herbs and your deluxe canape is ready....or our 150 deluxe canapes will be ready

Recipe2 Ea Lamb Rack, Frenched
Olive oil
10 G Thyme
10 G Rosemary
20 G Parsley
100 G Bread Crumbs
100 G Butter

500 G Potatoes
20 Ml Cream
20 Ml Milk
20 G Butter

Season the lamb rack and fry in hot oil till nice and brown
Finish it off in the oven at 65C for about 45 minutes
The meat will be perfectly pink
Have the butter at room temperature
Chop the herbs finely
Mix bread crumbs, butter and herbs
Roll the crust between 2 plastic wraps to about 3 mm
Put in the fridge to get hard, then cut the size of the lamb rack
Take the lamb rack out the oven and place the crust on the rack
Quickly flash under the salamander till golden brown

Boil the potatoes till very soft
Pour the water off
Strain the potatoes
Add milk, cream and butter
Season to taste

Pipe a bit mash in a Chinese spoon
Cut the lamb rack in slices
Put the lamb on the mash
Add a bit truffled demi glace
Garninsh with some herbs

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