Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rice Casimir

Now we are really going wild here. This is one dish that has become a staple of Swiss Cuisine even so it is as un-Swiss as it can get. It is a Chicken Curry in a Rice Ring with poached fruit (often out of the can), a dollop of cream and then toasted almond.......

Swiss??? Yes it is. It has its origins in 1952 when Moevenpick put it on their menu for the first time.....and the rest is history. This dish is so common in Switzerland that even in the chef training, the apprenticeship, we had to learn how to do it and many restaurants still have it on the menu.
The only thing the Rice Casimir has in common with a good Indian Curry is.....Curry Powder, but that's it. It is not spicy, but actually slightly sweet.

And I have to admit, I grew up with it, happily ate it when we went to a restaurant and still like it, it brings back childhood memories, like the Moevenpick Birchermuesli.......more about that you will read soon in my Breakfast Blog.

The funny thing is that many people who are not fond of curry really like this this, just because it is not really a curry.

So, I won't let you wait any longer, here it is, the famous Rice Casimir Recipe!!!!!

2.2 Kg Chicken Breast
100 G Curry Powder
10 G Chili
50 G Masala
5 G Cinnamon
1 Ea Bay leaf
1 Ea Glove
1 Ea Pepper Corns

400 Ml Cream
400 Ml Coconut Milk

1 Kg Pears
1 Kg Pineapples
1 Kg Peaches

500 G Rice
75 Ml Cream
50 G Almonds, toasted

Slice the chicken Breast in fine slices
Fry in a bit oil Add curry powder, Masala and other spices
Add coconut milk
Simmer till the chicken is soft
Add cream
Season to taste

Poach pears, pineapples and peaches
Plate a rice ring
Put the curry in the middle
Garnish with the fruit
Serve with whipped cream op at the end with toasted almonds

Serves 10 Guests

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