Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hamburger Galore "The Ambassador Burger"

Yes, Hamburgers! I want to write about them and share my recipes with you. As you can guess, we are serving hamburgers here at the hotel, not just the normal one the Classic and the Cheese burger, no, thee is a lot more to hamburgers than that.

Firstly I have to talk about the meat. It very much depends on what you put inside to what you will have at the end. If you put in a good quality meat, you will have a good quality burger, if you put in....lets not go that way because I like a good burger.

We make a mix of meats, we take some local beef which is very tasty, but too lean and the hamburger would dry out. So we add some Karan Beef from South Africa. The two meats in combination give a lovely burger patty that is moist and tasty.

I don't put any seasoning inside the meat, only before they get flame grilled I add salt and freshly ground black pepper.

The hamburger bun we do fresh here in the hotel. They get baked every night by our 2 bakers, then just before serving the burger I cut the bun in 2, butter it and toast it under the salamander. The butter gives an extra dimension, I don't care what you say about Cholesterol and all of that, a little butter gives flavor!!!!!!!

And then the topping, there one can go wild. I will tell you today what we put on top of our Ambassador Burger, one of the best sold burgers I have on the menu. There is cheese, Bacon, Mango Chutney (yes homemade) and to top it off some deep fried plantain......ahhhh it is so good, you have to try it out. Here is the recipe
 2 Kg ground Beef
100 G Lettuce
150 G Tomato
75 Ml BBQ Sauce
50 Ml Oil
75 G Cucumbers
750 G Plantain
100 G Cheddar Cheese
50 G Chili sauce
250 G French Fries
200 G Lettuce
100 G Tomatoes
100 G Onion
50 G Feta
50 G Olives Black
75 Ml Dressing
10 Ea Burger Bun
10 Ea Tomato sauce
10 Ea Mayonnaise
Grind the beef and form 200 g patties
Season and grill to the desired cooking temperature
Cut the mangoes in cubes and simmer with chili, sugar and vinegar till thickened
Deep fry the plantain
Cut the burger bun in half, butter it and toast golden brown
Put the cheese on the patty, then melt under the salamander
Layer the lettuce and tomatoes on it
Generously pour BBQ sauce on the tomatoes
Place the patty on top then top with plantain and bacon Drizzle Chili sauce on top Put the bun top leaning on the hamburger Serve with French fries and side salad Recipe for 10 people

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  1. Sounds great. thanks for your lovely links in to Food on Friday. I am getting so hungry reading all the recipes! Cheers


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