Saturday, September 8, 2012

Onion Tarte from Schaffhausen

This dish is very close to my heart as it is from the region I grew up in Switzerland. OK, Schaffhausen is about 30 km away from my home town, which is a lot in Switzerland, but it is close enough to write the recipe down.

The Schaffhausen style onion tart is a great way to eat onions. My mom always planted a lot in the garden, so when the season started we would have this treat a couple of times. The preparation is so easy as all it needs is onions, a bit bacon, eggs, milk, cream and a quiche dough.....which my mom usually bought, but it didn't matter. What matters is that the tart or quiche was absolutely delicious.
For this recipe I made them individual but usually at home I make one big tart and then we just cut slices. It stays a bit more moist when making a big tart.
Of course one can make this tart as well vegetarian......just then it is not the traditional tart anymore, the bacon is giving a lot of flavor to it, but like I said, one can leave it away....I can't, I love it with the bacon too much.

Every part in Switzerland has their local specialties, I like that so much. It is a very small country, but when it comes to food, there is a huge variety of dishes around.
So here is the recipe

750 G Onions
100 G Bacon
500 G Pie Dough
5 Ea Eggs
300 Ml Milk
200 Ml Cream
Salt Pepper Nutmeg

1 Ea Lollo Rosso
1 Ea Lollo Biondo
1 Ea Red Oak
1 Ea Green Oak
30 Ml Red wine
75 Ml Olive oil
Salt Pepper

Slice the onions in fine strips
Cut the bacon in fine strips
Fry them in a bit butter till soft and all the liquid had gone
Roll the dough out and layer in individual forms
Cut the top off and make holes with a folk
Put the onion-bacon mix in it, will all the way to the top
Mix the ingredients for the Royal
Pour the Royal on top of the onions, bake for 10 min

Clean the lettuce and plate
Drizzle with dressing
Serve with the freshly baked Onion Tart


  1. I love onions and this sounds divine. Will definitely try this!

  2. Thanks for popping in Frank. Yes, Onions are great and so versatile

  3. What is the Royal? Also don't know the ingredients red and green oak and lollos. Looks good but not clear.

  4. This looks great. I am not familiar with some of the ingredients so will need to do a bit of research. Have a great week!

  5. It is great to get so many comments on this Blog. Firstly I have to apologize, being a chef I sometimes take things for granted and don't think others might not know certain expressions. I always take the recipes from my personal file which of course is written for I need to translate a bit. A Royale is a mix of egg yolks, eggs, milk and/or cream is then used to pour into tarts. Then when the tart bakes it custard. Red and green Oak and lollo are different types of lettuce which can be found in most good food shops

    Many Thanks for the comment and I hope my answer helps

  6. Hello Carole, good to see you around again. No worry, I know that all of the ingridients are available where you live, you might have to search a bit, but you will find them. Otherwise just subsitute the lettuces through any kind you can find

  7. thanks for sharing.


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