Monday, September 26, 2011

Beef Stroganoff

Now, there is of course more to Moscow than just seeing the city and like I wrote in the previous Blog about my fantastic day in Moscow there is a lot to write about food. The variety in GOM was amazing and all I wanted to do is cooking, then having dinner at the writer’s club, I just have to give you the recipe of the Beef Stroganoff, a classic not just in Russian Cuisine, but as well in the French Cuisine. It is easy to prepare and everybody will simply like it.

While I was in Russia most dishes are served with potatoes. You think Ireland is the land of potatoes? Think again, Mother Russia serves as much potatoes as they do in Ireland!

I give you the fancy version with Beef Fillet/Tenderloin. Of course you can take lesser cuts, but don’t forget, and then it has to be simmered in the sauce till the meat is tender. The color of the dish might vary a little, depending on how much demi glace or Paprika you add.

Here is the recipe

1600 G Beef Tenderloin
75 G Butter, clarified
10 G Salt, pepper
5 G Paprika
100 G Onions
100 G Gherkins
100 G Mushrooms
100 G Peppers
200 Ml Red wine
500 Ml Demi glace
100 Ml Sour cream

Cut tenderloin in cubes
Cut onion in Brunoise
Cut gherkin and peppers in julienne
Cut mushrooms in slices

Sauté the meat quick in clarified butter, season and dust
with paprika
Take the meat out, then add mushrooms, onions and peppers
Dust some more paprika, then add red wine, reduce a bit
then add demi glace. Cook for a short while
Season and add sour cream.

Add meat again, boil up quickly and serve immediately

Garnish with sour cream and cooked beetroot julienne

Serves 10 friends

Enjoy it, you will see it is simply delicious.


  1. This looks so good! I should try it some time soon! :)

  2. Thank you, yes it is yummy, I could eat Stroganoff all the time, thanks for popping in and leaving a comment.


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