Saturday, February 19, 2011

Parasailing in St. Thomas

Sometimes one has to be a bit of a Daredevil.......I am not, but we had a Crew Tour and for $15 we could go and have an afternoon of fun Para sailing in St. Thomas. I am scared of heights, but somehow it went a lot better than I expected. One is safely harnessed, has life wests, there was a great instruction on how it works and then the weather was beautiful, no wind just some rain clouds on the horizon.

We are pretty busy at the moment on the ship, apart from running a normal cruise we have to think about the closing of the ship and more information is coming and therefore more planning has to be done, so to just go away a bit for an afternoon is a very welcome break.

We were 12 on a boat, always paired up to go up in the sky, most of us went for the first time and one could feel that some of us were a little nervous....I was just nice and quiet....

The we got our harnesses and sat on the back of the speed boat, the captain puts a bit more power on and then is in the air, slowly going higher and higher. Yes I held tight on to the straps, but with time I relaxed more and more and started to enjoy the peace and quietness up there with the birds (no there were no birds, but it sounds good).

The whole trip took only about 5 minutes and then we got reeled in again, but wow, that was great fun and then of course, just before landing softly on our bums on the speed boat, we got dipped in the fresh sea water, really good fun!!!

So during the time the other couples got lifted in the air we just enjoyed a nice boat trip, having the wind blowing through our hair (not that there is much left!) and having a good time with everybody.

Now tonight I am doing all the schedules of when the crew messes will be open during the transition time on the 26th February and 27th February, then we can allocate the chefs to each shift and then we make a nice menu, there is still plenty in the freezer.

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