Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Cruise on Celebrity Mercury

Yes, this is pretty much live from the Mercury, it is 07:30 in the morning, we are in Baltimore again and I have just finished my USPH Inspection. USPH means United States Public Health. We have that ever so often that we check the entire galley from top to bottom that everything is the way it should be.

We are about to start the last cruise on Mercury before she is going to TUI who will take her over from us February 27. We have one last 12 day cruise to the Caribbean and I know we will all make the best of it. I think I will just give you all an update of what is happening as we have loads of events scheduled, for guests and for crew.

Right now I am sitting here in front of the computer, having my Latte and am getting ready for the day. I still need to finish my Cruise End Report and make some rounds and then all guests will go off the ship. As usual it is freezingly cold here in Baltimore, I am happy when we are on the way south again, to places where it is nice and warm.

I have to go out today to buy another piece of luggage, I guess too much shopping over the past 5 month, so now everything has to fit into the suit cases. I guess I have a bit more as well as I am taking my uniform from ship to ship and all these chef jackets are adding up too (just looking for some excuses, it is the shopping that made the suit cases too heavy, lol)

Anyway, let me go, I just got asked for Bagels and smoked salmon for 20 people......and we need it NOW, please!!!!!

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