Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cruise Critics

As usual everything gets evaluated or criticised, and cruises of course are part of it. Cruise Critics is a blog where the members can share their experiences, good or bad and one can actually go to the individual ships and check out what they say about it and of course if someone has questions about cruising, this is the right place to go.

Of course there is much more on the website like special deals and so on, so one can brows for a long time and I think if one has time one can find really good deals for cruises.

And there are many Cruise Critics, we have at the moment 130 on board, many of them are Captains Club Members as well, that means they cruise often enough to get into this elite membership club and many of them are actually members of different elite clubs from different cruise lines.....that is a lot of cruising.

We of course do a lot of special things for them, we have an elite lounge breakfast (for Elite Captains Club Members) where we serve a nice continental breakfast with Smoked Salmon Bagels, Home made Graved Lax, Fresh Fruit, Mini Pastries, Freshly squeezed Orange, Carrot and Grapefruit Juice and a little hot section with a daily changing Special like Almond French Toast, Blueberry Pancakes or even Sausage and Gravy.

One has to look after the Cruise Critics as they are actually quite a powerful force and can make your rating (every guest gets a Comment Form at the end of the Cruise) or actually do a lot of harm. Celebrity started a new advertising Campaign and there was a huge uproar on the Blog site....WOW that goes very fast, it was such an uproar that the CEO himself started writing.

We have some lovely Cruise Critics on boars, one of them is Gail, a very seasoned cruiser and when she came the first time on board she was not very positive about us, but it seems like now she is very happy and yes, it is all published on the Cruise Critics Blog

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