Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cold Weather in Baltimore

Yes you see right, we are back in Baltimore, just for a turn around and then off for the next cruise, 9 days this time with some exciting stops, one of them will be Key West and I think there will be a nice recipe. As for now I am freezing nearly to death, it is just too cold and I have to check all the produce that has arrived. At least there is no wind, so I am just ok. You can imagine how much it needs to feed everybody for 9 days, this is loads of food. Just Hamburger patties for example, I will use around 1400 lbs (700 kg) in this cruise. That is a lot of Hamburgers, let me tell you. The Pool Grill is a very busy place to be and as it is open from around 11 AM till at least 6 PM, there are a lot of guest (and crew) coming to enjoy our burgers.

So yes, it is freezing cold here and I can't wait to be back south where the sun shines and it is nice and warm. When we went to Baltimore we had 3 days at sea and it got colder every single day.

Anyway, just another couple of days and you will get the latest news about Key West.......yes the recipe will be a love key lime pie, mmmmmm.

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