Monday, December 6, 2010

Celebrity in St. Maarten

St. Maarten, a beautiful Island in the Caribbean, beautiful and different to many other Islands as it belongs to two countries, France and Holland and everybody lives in peace next to each other. The beauty is that there are two very different cultures so close to each other living in harmony and giving so much Charm to this Island.

Due to the size of our ship we are in Phillipsburg, the Dutch side. Only smaller ships are allowed to dock on the French side but I have to say, I love it over there, it is like France in the Caribbean, small coffee shops, nice shopping and the French flair.

Philipsburg is a bit more commercial, there are plenty of electronic shops and all sorts of duty free shops, but be careful and shop around. We looked for a cell phone and the same phone cost anything between $160 with free chip and pouch to $190 with no extras..... I never bought a cell phone and most probably never will, but it just shows that it is really important to compare the prices.

The restaurants are plentiful here and mostly average, but one can always find something nice if one looks around a little bit. Last time we had this lovely sandwiches, Prosciutto and goats cheese, ah was that good. I love being out there and have some different food.

Of course there is plenty to do here on St. Maarten like para sailing and our favorite, Jet ski. I love to go full speed over the waves, it relaxes very much and all one can think of is the thrill of riding the Jet Ski, yes St.

Maarten is a special place. I am glad that we will be back here a couple more times.

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