Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beauty Contest in St. Maarten

I just have to tell you about this one, a beauty contest in a different way. St. Maarten or Philipsburg was packed, totally packed as 4 cruise ships were there and to of the latest and most beautiful ones were next to each other, tell me which one you like more. Is it the Norwegian Cruise Line’s EPIC or Celebrity’s ECLIPSE?
I am totally hooked by one of them. I call them the beauty and the beast, the beauty being the ECLIPSE. I think her forms are a lot nicer, slimmer, and sexier, what do you think? I was on the Equinox for 20 days, she has the same interior like the Eclipse and have to say that at the moment it is most probably one of the nicest ships on the seven seas, not just because I work for Celebrity, but being a Foodie and seeing what they have on offer in the Specialty Restaurants is just fantastic. No Franchise Restaurants, but all in house with home made goods.
Of course there was as well the Disney Magic. She would win any beauty contest hands down. The shape of the ship reminds me a bit of the Nautilus from a book of Jules Vernes. Then the small ship between all of them, yes that is us!!!!! The other ships are a lot bigger than we are, I mean a lot.

I made some more photos of St. Maarten, just to show you the beauty of this island; it is the Dutch side with Phillipsburg.

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