Friday, June 11, 2010

Flying again

Newark Airport, The Food Hall
OK, some longhaul flights are on again, first from Newark to Amsterdam with Delta and then from Amsterdam to Cape Town with KLM. I am looking forward to the KLM flight as I have not flown with KLM in such a long time. Delta.......on the other side I have no high expectations as I have flown plenty times in the States and it is just another bus trip from A to B......which it was. The food was nothing to write about, I made a photo of my space age looking lasagna, ok I have to admit it still tasted nice, but look and texture was really nothing that finds any followers.
The one interesting part was the wine, served in 1 liter Tetra packs. Nothing wrong with it as wine is never anything special in the tourist class section, so why not serve in Tetra packs, save storage and waste and still be able to serve a good product, I enjoyed my glass or two of the white and the red wine.

KLM on the other side was a dream, good service, own TV (Delta was a communal thing) and good food which was beautifully presented. I think KLM wins hands down. Everything from check in to the arrival in Cape Town was perfect. They came ever so often with refreshments, something that was non existent with Delta, So yes, I do like KLM a lot.

The of course the comparison of the airports, yes well.... I really don't want to elaborate on Newark, I had to spend far too long on an airport that has absolutely nothing to offer....again with the one exception of a take away serving Oxtail, beautifully braised Oxtail. I could not believe to see this lovely dish which smelled great and tasted great. I have to say as well that they are busy renovating the airport, let's hope it will improve!

Amstardam Schipol is tops, good facilities, great shopping, a central kids station where parents can go with their little ones while waiting for the next connection. There are plenty of nice restaurants, just everything is great and the flight connections are easy to find.

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