Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back in Bermuda

Yes, we are back in Bermuda, actually once per week we are here in Bermuda, sometimes for two days, sometimes even for three days. We decided to go out a little bit, as we have 6 hours off for a change. We took a different approach this time of getting around, even so we love the ferry. So we hired a scooter. What a fun way of exploring Bermuda. One has to be a bit careful with the traffic, but otherwise it is absolutely fantastic.

We wanted to go all the way to the north to see the caves. I did not think it would be that far, but we ended up driving for a full hour till we reached the destination. Like I said before, Bermuda is not cheap. The entrance fee is $20.00 per person, quite steep and the caves are……nice but not the huge halls with stalagmites and stalactites like I expected, but still nice. If one spends a week or so on the island I think it is for sure on the “to do list”
We had a little bite to eat, some fish cakes and a hamburger. The lady who cooked our meal looked a bit like an operation nurse, green pants and overall, like she is ready for ER. Food was good ad filled our tummies.

On the way back we had the chance to have a glimpse at the beautiful beaches, again, to have a scooter is the very best, just stop wherever and enjoy the sunny weather, sandy beaches and great scenery. We just had too little time to stop and raced back to our home away from home, the beautiful Celebrity Summit.

Overall Bermuda is great, I love every moment we are here. When I am back in a couple of weeks we will go and swim with the dolphins and no….no recipe with dolphin!!!!!!

But I think we will have a really special Bermuda Seafood Salad!!!

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