Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bermudas and grilled Salmon

We are now on the cruises from New York (Bayonne) to Bermuda. I love Bermuda, just the way everything is, so British on the one side, so un-British on the other side. Walking through Hamilton one sees the Businessmen in their Bermuda shorts, the long socks and fancy shoes, a sight one should see at least once in a life time. Everything is very clean, and “pink” the houses are mostly beautiful, one can see that this is a Tax Heaven here and of course everything cost a bit more than usual.

We explored Hamilton just a little bit and then went out for a lunch. The restaurant was beautiful, more towards the fancy Bistro type and food was very good. My salmon didn’t just look good, but was delicious to eat. So I think I will write down a little recipe with salmon.

We docked a bit away from Hamilton and had to take the ferry. A lovely way to get around the islands, it is not too expensive and very relaxing. Another way is of course the public bus system. It is most probably the cheapest way to get around and one can get in any corner of the island, but one needs time as the bus stops often and there is a lot of traffic at all times.

The island is small and very populated; there is no real empty spot, just houses, houses, houses.

Fried Salmon with Pesto pasta

800 g (2 lb) Salmon fillet
30 ml (1oz) Olive oil
Salt and pepper

650 g (1.5 lbs) Fresh Tagliatelle
60 lm (2 oz) Basil Pesto
120 g (4 oz) Sun dried tomatoes

120 g (4 oz) Peppers
120 g (4 oz) Beans
120 g (4 oz) Sugar Snap Peas

Blanch the vegetables till still crisp.
Cook the pasta till al dente.
Rub the salmon fillets with olive oil, season, then grill.

Before serving toss the pasta in the pesto and sun dried tomatoes,
Toss the vegetables in a bit olive oil, season to taste.
Plate the pasta on the bottom, top with salmon and garnish with the fresh vegetables.

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