Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nice Eateries and Places in Miami

OK, now let's go a bit more in depth with what one can do here in Miami, and believe me it is a lot.

I am staying at the Epic Hotel, something brand new and nice, yes nice. I have no idea why I have been booked in here as the company usually uses other hotels to book us in, but I am not complaining, nice room, nice view, nice everything. I had one dinner at the restaurant on the 16th floor, just something small and quick. The menu is Mediterranean inspired so I opted for the Fettuccine Carbonara. Absolutely lovely home made pasta, tender and creamy with prosciutto giving a lovely saltiness to it. Topped with the perfect poached egg, the whole dish was just amazing, that is how pasta should be.

Then I was invited by my good friends Mike and Marilynn to Garcia's Seafood Grill and Fish Market for a superb lunch. Garcia's is in the middle of town, right by the water. Friendly service, good and simple food, just what the doctor ordered. We had a couple of starters, Conch Fritters (a snail living in the sea), fried fish roe, not for everybody, but really nice to eat and a great Ceviche (raw marinated fish). Then we went on to "Dolphin" Sandwiches which is actually Mahi Mahi. The fish was so juicy and tender it was unreal. The juices were running out of the sandwich and I ate every single bit to the end. Garcia's is usually very full over lunch time, but weekends are actually quite ok.

We went to visit Fairchild Botanical Gardens. What a treat, the grounds are huge, beautiful and tranquil. The perfect spot to relax, walk a bit or just sit down and read a book. It is winter at the moment and there is so much to see, imagine how wonderful it must be in spring and summer! The drive there is already fantastic, take a drive through Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. Take your time, it is beautiful, the gardens, the houses, really worth a slow drive.

Thank you so much Mike and Marilynn for showing me the beautiful spots here in Miami, it is a real treat!

By the way, there are soon loads of recipe again, just that I am not in the galley at the moment, but tied down at a desk writing recipes, having meeting and finding my feet in a new job......soon they will be coming again, hang in there! The same with the photos, I can't upload any at the moment, but soon they will be coming again.

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