Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eating in Miami

I am getting into the sandwich culture here in Miami, there is plenty and something for everybody. From the rich, cheese topped, toasted foot long Sub with everything in it, to the healthy turkey and avocado sandwich....anything goes.
My favourite are the stands where you choose your own ingredients, I think the ultimate of freedom (Welcome to the US). First one chooses the bread, rye, whole wheat, baguette or soft rolls. Then the topping, turkey, beef, pastrami, cheese, chicken salad, tuna mayonnaise, salami, ham and many more, often one chooses single serving or double serving, to make the sandwich nice and thick. Then the toppings, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and to end it off extra mayonnaise, butter, mustard or ketchup.....would you like it toasted? Ohhhhhhh Yes please.
Then there are all the special ones, the Reubens with Pastrami and Sourkraut, then grilled with cheese, or the Cuban Pork which is marinated pork neck roasted in the oven, then sliced, fried again, loads of lettuce and tomato on the bottom, then generously topped with the pork, then cheese, in the oven and yummy, go wild!!!!
Of course being at the sea here there are plenty of fish sandwiches, often Mahi Mahi, grilled, fried or blackened with the usual suspects of tomato and plenty of lettuce. The fish is so fresh and juicy, just a dream.
So one can live off sandwiches very well, some of them are heavy but many are lovely and light and actually very healthy.
I am off for the weekend, so lets see what else is out there, will let you know what is happening here in Miami!!!!

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