Monday, October 20, 2014

Chanterelle Mushrooms on Parsnip Puree

I have just received the first fresh Chanterelle Mushrooms of the season. Not that we have a season here in Maldives, nor do we have wild mushrooms, everything is flown in. But still, it is autumn in Europe so the mushroom season has started.

Today I show you more an Amuse, a teaser, than a full portion, but of course you can just make a full portion and serve it as a main course. I served it in Just Veg, our pure vegetarian restaurant.

I have mixed the mushrooms a little with White Shimeji mushrooms, they are very tender and soft in flavor, going well with the other ingredients.

Parsnip is of course one of my favorite vegetables, it is simply delicious. It is actually very close to carrots and Parsley, just the flavor of it is absolutely tremendous. I cook it this time as a puree, but one can easily roast it in the oven or use it like any other root vegetable.

So here is the recipe for 10 friends

400 g (15 oz) Chanterelle Mushrooms
400 g (15 oz) Shimeji Mushrooms
75 g (3 oz) Shallots
75 g (3 oz) Butter

500 g (1.1 lb) Parsnip
100 ml ( 3.5 oz) Cream
Pepper, white

Micro Herbs
Cepe Powder

Peel the parsnip, put in a pot and add water till it is nearly covered. Salt slightly
simmer till nearly soft
Add cream, again till the parsnip is nearly covered
Simmer till parsnip is very soft
Blend in a Thermomix, till very fine
Put through a sieve, season if necessary

Clean the mushrooms nicely, wash them just before using them, never wash them too early
Heat the butter till slightly noisette
Add the finely cut shallots
Saute the mushrooms and season with salt and pepper

Plate the parsnip puree,than add the mushrooms
Garnish with micro herbs


  1. Thank you very much Linda and thanks for popping in on my Blog


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