Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beef Tartar with Salmon Roe

I always feel that Amuses or Amuse Bouche are such an important part of a meal. It is the business card from the kitchen, the little surprise that gets the guests going, the start of a great meal.

As the name says it already the Amuse Bouche is a bit like a teaser to the taste buts, the preview of things to come. I have eaten in some of the best restaurants in France where the kitchen would serve even an Amuse for the desserts, the pastry liking to show off as well.

The beef tartar is actually a very easy to make amuse. At the same time it is a dish I would only eat in a reputable restaurant as it has its dangers when eating raw meat. It really has to be super fresh and the hygienic conditions in the kitchen have to be top

I like to mix in some different flavors so this time I added some salmon roe and crème fraiche. All together it is a lovely experience of the meat flavors, the saltiness of the roe and the creaminess of the crème fraiche

Here is the recipe for 4 friends (starter portion)

320 g Beef fillet or any other lean and tender cut
50 g Onions
10 g Garlic
25 g Spring onions
10 g Mustard (Moutarde de Meaux)
10 ml Olive oil
60 g Salmon Roe
40 g Crème Fraiche


Cut the meat in very fine cubes, I prefer it like this as you have more texture to the dish.
Chop the onions and garlic very fine
Cut the spring onions
Mix the meat with all ingredients except the roe and crème fraiche
Season to taste
Plate the tartar in small rings
Garnish with roe and crème fraiche
Optionally garnish the tartar with a sweet potato chip and or a small salad

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