Monday, August 6, 2012

Exploring Ghana, Fishing in Krokobite

Morning at Crocobite Beach
Finally after nearly 5 month here in Ghana we went out a bit to explore a little more than the restaurant scene here in town. We went with our friend Bruno to Krokobite, about an hours drive from Accra to go fishing. But it is not just normal fishing, no, we actually went with the locals on a big Canoe into the open sea.
Bruno with his Espresso
Bruno is one of my suppliers and as you can guess his main business is fish. I buy most of my fish from him, not just because the price is right, but as well the quality is excellent. Of course being Italian, we could expect an Italian inspired day, especially as the lodge we went was run by an Italian friend of his, Fabrizio.
Meeting another Canoe
We started early, 5 AM we were fetched and off we went to Krokobite. We arrived around 6 AM but being a Sunday, we had no rush and first had some proper Espresso, the one where the machine is put on the stove and then the water gets pushed through the ground coffee. Then we relaxed a bit and enjoyed the sun rise at the beach, it was just absolutely wonderful
Fixing the net on the way out
We went then to the local town and Bruno organized us a Canoe....together with nearly 10 guys. They of course enjoyed the Sunday outing and knew that all the fish would be theirs, so off for a free fishing trip
Bruno trying his luck
We went out quite a bit, I have to say, sometimes the canoe went a bit much on the sides, but of course it did not tun over, sometimes I think I was the only one concerned.
The first fish caught
Then the fishing started and we were lucky....or at least some of us were lucky, and the fish bit nicely.we sailed out around 9 AM and were back just before lunch time. The sun was not shining a lot but believe me....I burned.
The most we caught was a fish called lemon fish, there was plenty of it and all the other canoes around us were catching the same.. There were some little red fish as well, but not much at all. Anyway, there was plenty of fish and we didn't need much in any case.
A part of our catch
On the way home we got some fresh lobster as well and Fabrizio got cooking from the moment we arrived back at the lodge. Now we met as well some new friends who brought some amazing Italian wine....we were at the end 10 people and had 4 bottles of wine....not that everybody was drinking, some preferred cool drinks and some wanted beer, so yes, there was plenty of wine. Every wine was hand chosen from small producers in Italy and then shipped to Ghana, what a treat
The food was simple and delicious, the starter was an amazing Penne al arragosta, Penne Pasta with a spicy tomato sauce and the fresh lobster in it, just a great way to start. Then we had fish, just plain cooked with salt, pepper and olive oil, first the red fishes and lemon fish, then the cassava we caught, Cassava being from the same family like the Branzino in the Mediterranean.....was just amazing.
Fabrizio, our chef and host
So the lunch must have gone on for hours, at the end just everybody sitting around, chatting and ending the meal with another great Espresso

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