Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pagudpud and 1000 Islands

Pagudpud is a lovely region with it capital Laoag, which is about a 70 km drive. We were up here mainly to relax and enjoy the beach. Saud Beach Resort, like most of the other resorts is straight at the beach and we could walk from our bungalow straight to the beach, just what we wanted. We had some lovely food up here, one especially memorable is the Sinigang we had.
There is plenty to do up here, Laoag has a beautiful church, shops and on the way there is the light house of Bojjeador, lovely rock formations and windmills one can visit, but we were there mainly to be at the beach.
To the surprise of my girlfriend I had some other intentions as well and on our second day in Pagudpud I went down on my knees and asked her to marry me. So yes, I have no more girlfriend, but have now a fiancée! So Pagudpud will always be special to us. The sunsets are incredible, the water is clear and there are not many tourists on the beaches, it is total bliss.

After having a couple of days total relaxation and fun we went south again. There is so much to see onthe way that one easily could make a couple of days out of it. There is Laoag with its beautiful church and then of course Vigan, a place where I think next time we will stay for a night, beautiful hotels, great city, very romantic.

Then we came to the 100 Islands National Park. Another place in the Philippines that is a must see. We arrived not too late; the road going south along the sea is actually quite quick. We found a cheap hotel, clean, air-conditioned and ensuite bathroom for an incredible 1200 Pesos, about 25 US$ and there was a fantastic restaurant close bye, called Maxine at the sea. The food is really good and if you ever in the region you need to pop in there. We had dinner there the first night and then the next day after a lovely boat trip we had a late lunch there again.
The rental of the boats is per boat and we paid 1400 Pesos for 5 hours, visiting the islands, being able to swim on a private and secluded beach and have a wonderful time together. Best is to take a picnic with (Maxine’s does that if you pre book) and do a whole day with swimming and snorkeling. I have some photos from the islands, it is really beautiful here.

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