Friday, April 15, 2011

Flying KLM again

Amsterdam Airport is one of the great airports; good shopping and plenty of restaurants. I have raved about this airport before and still think it is a great one. I walked just briefly through it as I had not too much time till my next flight and yes, the flight on KLM was exactly as I hexpected it. I had a great flight last time and again this time I was pampered. Plenty of leg room in the tourist class, movies were the latest and the food.....was great again

The presentation of the food was already great, modern, simple and then of course the taste, I have to say, was superb. The dessert tasted like home made, everything was fresh, the bread rolls were warm and crispy, but soft inside, what a treat! Yes I like flying KLM they are way up on my favourite and I can only recommend them. (No I am not getting paid to say that, I really like them)
I think on the food side it very much depends from where one flies and not just with which airline. On some airports they are not so good in cooking (like Washington) and some are great ( Amsterdam, Cape Town, Singapore) so even when the airline has specific guidlines, I think it istill very much depends from where one starts the journey.

So finally the flying is over again, at least for the next ten days before going to Philippines, I know I will enjoy my time here in South Africa, always have and I can't wait to see my boys again.

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