Sunday, March 21, 2010

French Toast on a big ship

More travel, more adventures, new places. In the last cruise I have been in five countries: Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and now Mexico. It all goes a little fast, but that is how the cruise ship is going. I don’t have time to go out in every port, but sometimes I take the time for a little walk like through Roatan in Honduras. It is a little island just of the coast with absolutely beautiful nature. Everything is green, green, and green. It is hot and humid, tropical and there is a slightly sweet smell in the air.

There is plenty of diving around and the beaches are stunning, if one goes to the other side of the island. We were in the harbor of Roatan, so I just went out a little bit. There are plenty of shops, mainly t shirts and other little souvenirs. There are plenty of small bars and restaurants, but nothing looked very inviting to me so I just walked up and down main road a bit and then went back to the ship for a good work out in the gym, nicely air-conditioned. Yes you hear right, I am usually not a big gym goer, but here on board I have to taste so much food, I just need to have an extra work out from time to time.

Just to give you a little run down of the ship I am on at the moment. We have just over 3000 guest and 1200 crew. 170 of them are working in the galleys and we easily prepare more than 14’000 meals a day. So yes, that is quite a production we have going here. We prepare two sessions in the main dining room, usually having around 1400 guest per seating. We have 2 main galleys as the main dining room is on 2 levels. We serve around 900 guests on the bottom level and then another 500 on top. Now if you expect shouting, screaming and performing chefs during service, sorry you are wrong. Service goes generally very quietly and organized here. Of course there is the odd word and of course it is noise, imagine how many people are on the line (20 on one line in the main restaurant), the pans on the stove, the plates the people, but that hustle is what I enjoy most.

Now we are busy looking at French Toast. I know it is such a simple thing, but a good French Toast in the morning is just the right way to start, so I thought I give you the recipe for a simple but good French Toast. I have chosen the French Toast as we still cook it to order or just a little bit in advance to make sure it is perfectly fresh and cooked for our guest.

90 ml (3 oz) Milk
2 ea Eggs
15 g (0.5 oz) Sugar
Vanilla Essence

30 g (1 oz) Butter

Icing sugar

Whisk the eggs and milk together, add all the spices and the sugar.
Dip the sliced Toast in the egg mix; let it in the mix for 5 seconds on each side.
Drip off excess egg mix
Heat up butter in a pan and fry the French Toast on both sides till golden brown.
Cut diagonally in half, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve immediately.


  1. I just made french toast myself!! Only I tried a new technique of toasting the bread before putting it in the custard mixture. Fantastic results. You have wonderful pictures on your blog.

  2. Thank you very much Virginia, I like your technique a lot. We are usually doing 400 portions of French Toast every morning, so there is a little short cut here from time to time, just no time to toast all the bread. I am glad you enjoy my blog, there will be more postings coming soon.


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