Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good news

I just have to give you the good news. I love my new job. I am getting nicely into it and getting to know the ship. F&B is really a very important part of it. Today we are arriving at St. Thomas and we have USPH, meaning United States public heath. This is a tough one, the chefs have cleaned the galley for an extra hour and we are all meeting at 7 AM for a walk through the galleys to ensure that everything is perfect. It is all about Logs and cleanliness. The restaurants and hotels shore side would learn a lot about hygiene here on ship. I will go into it a bit more on an other Blog but basically it is to ensure that everything is perfectly clean, food gets held at the right temperature and not for too long, there is nothing that gets old on a ship.
Then I am getting more and more into cooking, you will see the results very soon. I have to make recipes for Valentines and will do the photos in the next couple of days, stay tuned to the Blog!!!!
Otherwise it is a great challenge, let me just give you some fact about the ship I am on at the moment.
2000 plus guest
119 chefs and cooks
10'000 meals per day
Loads of fun and work, I think I will be able to bring loads of recipes, you will see.
Tomorrow we will be in St. Thomas, the town is called Charlotte Amalie. It is in the Virgin Island and of course I will try to get out for an hour or two, make some photos and post it on the blog.
Anyway off to bed now, I had dinner with the corporate f&b Manager, I had some lovely Scallops on Mango Sauce, then some Chilean Seabass which was perfectly cooked......yes recipe is to follow.
So, anyway I can't wait to write the recipes, I promise, there are loads to come soon!!!!


  1. Very please you like the job and atmosphere have fun with the recipe :) Bruno

  2. Thank you Bruno, I hope you are getting on a ship soon again. We are tackling recipes and photos tomorrow, Valentines special and Chaine des Rotisseur!


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