Saturday, January 28, 2017

Beef Tenderloin Recipe by Igor Macchia

As promised, here the first recipe in a long time. As we are talking about Igor Macchia, I have taken the liberty to share his recipe with you. It is a bit labor intensive than many others, but then, you want to cook one Michelin Star cuisine...then you have to work for it....Stars don't come just for a simple steak on the BBQ, no there needs to be more to it than that

It was so much fun working with Igor, he is totally down to earth and happy to coach the team, something they loved as the guest chefs are really changing the everyday routine, mine included. Often these chefs need specialized ingredients like the cassis and spinach powder for this recipe. Of course you can do it without it, but for us here, we want to be as close as possible to the original. So I contacted Igor and he happily shared where I can get all the special ingredients from, it took of course still a lot of mails with suppliers to get it finally delivered to us,..... but that is the fun part, the part where we have to source the best ingredients and then bit by bit actually have a web of suppliers where we can fall back with all the fancy foods....I just love that part

So here is the recipe: Enjoy!
Ingredient for cherry marinated with ginger:
  400 gr. fresh cherry
  140 gr. brown sugar
    50 gr. fresh ginger
Method for cherry marinated with ginger:
season quartered cherry with sugar and ginger. Vacuum pack and cook in steamed oven at 80°C for 3 hours. Chilled and blend. Keep the sauce for presentation of the plate.
Ingredient for mashed potatoes:
1500 gr. potatoes
                Sea salt
  150 gr. diced butter
  150 gr. mascarpone cheese
Method for mashed potatoes:
wash potatoes and pierce with a fork. Cook with sea  salt in oven at 200°C for 1 hour.
Mashed potato and add mascarpone cheese and butter. Season with salt and pepper and keep for presentation of the plate.
Ingredient for watercress sauce:
250 gr. fresh watercress
Method for watercress sauce:
Cook watercress in salted water. Chilled and blend.
Add xantana and season with salt and pepper. Keep for presentation of the plate.
Ingredient for presentation of the plate:
480 gr. wagyu beef tenderloin
120 gr. foie gras
   30 gr. cherry pure’ from boiron or capfruit
   20 gr. beef juice
   10 gr. watercress sauce
     2 gr. cassis powder
     2 gr. spinach powder
   60 gr. mashed potatoes
   40 gr. cooked cherry
   40 gr. saute fresh spinach
               Extra virgin olive oil
               Maldon salt
               Sea salt
               Fresh sprout
Method for presentation of the plate:
Season beef with salt and pepper and cook in a hot pan with olive oil. Finish to cook in oven at 200°C for 5 minutes.
Garnish the top of cooked beef with all ingredient and plate in a hot plate garnished with cherry and watercress sauce.

Use cassis and spinach powder for garnish the plate.

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