Saturday, June 1, 2013

Braised Lamb Shoulder

We are cooking again. It has been a little while since the last post, that is due to the business at the hotel, but finally I have a bit time to write again.

We are just about to change the a la carte menu, it has been overdue for a major overhaul as we have started serving a dinner menu now, so the a la carte needs to get smaller otherwise we can't cope with cooking for an extra buffet and a full a la carte. So the new a la carte menu will be smaller but with a couple of selected and really nice dishes on it.

This dish is actually from my Chef de Cuisine, Donavin. He is in charge for the main restaurant and had the task to spear head the change of the menu. We tasted the dishes, we wrote the recipes and then of course needed a cost, but then finally they will all go on the menu

So here is the recipe

2.2 Kg Lamb shoulder
200 G French beans
100 G Black olives
100 Ml Sunflower oil
300 G Potatoes
100 G Sun dried tomatoes
15 G salt
5 G pepper
200 G carrots
100 G leeks
100 G celeriac
300 G Onions
1.5 L Chicken stock
50 G Parsley
30 G Anchovies
50 G Garlic
50 G Capers
40 Ml Lemon juice
20 G Thyme

Dress the lamb shoulder and tie tightly together
Roast in hot oil on all side, season well with salt and pepper
Take the shoulder out the pan, then roast all vegetables, add tomato paste and deglaze with red wine Put the meat in a braisiere (deep pan)
Add the roasted vegetables and chicken stock
Cover the pot and braise the shoulder in the oven for about 3 hours at 150 C or till soft

In a blender mix anchovy, olives, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil together
Blend sun dried tomatoes with a little olive oil
Cut potatoes in fondant shape
Cook them in a butter and thyme flavored stock till soft
Cut the lamb shoulder in 200 g pieces and vacuum pack with the reduced braising liquid
Heat up in hot water when required
Serve with fresh French Beans, Fondant potato Tomato puree and Tapenade

This recipe serves 10 friends, have a good bottle of wine with it, something from the Rhone Valley in France or a nice Australian Shiraz

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