Friday, February 15, 2013

Branzino with Mussels and Tomatoes

I love Branzino, it is one of the tastiest fishes in the Mediterranean Sea and there are so many great ways to prepare it. It is the perfect summer lunch with a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio. The fish has such a lovely taste and can be done in endless variation. I remember seeing it on the markets and restaurants in Italy, often presented on ice at the table and the just roasted whole in the oven with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil

This time I wanted to make it simple with some fresh mussels, tomatoes and onions. It is a really easy dish to prepare but something everybody will love

Generally when doing a fish fillet, check for any bones that might be left in the fillet. This is done best with tweezers. First you go gently with your fingers over the fillet. When you feel any hard bones sticking out (usually on the top half of the fish towards the back) you take the tweezers, hold the bone tightly, press the fillet around it gently on the cutting board and then pull the bone out. This takes a little practice and you will see that if you do it in the wrong direction you might pull some of the meat out as well


1.6 kg Branzino Fillet

1.2 kg fresh Mussels
500 g Tomatoes
150 g Onions
25 g Garlic
Olive oil
White wine

Make sure all bones are out of the Branzino
Clean the mussels (or buy them cleaned)
Season the fish with salt and pepper and fry in hot olive oil till golden brown but still very juicy
Slice the onion and cut the tomatoes in cubes
Heat up a bit more olive oil, add the mussels
Saute a little while in the hot oil, add the garlic and onions, season
add a little white wine
just before the mussels are cooked add the tomatoes and time

Serve the fish and top with the mussel-tomato mix

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