Friday, January 11, 2013

Snapper and Lobster with Parsnip

Let's go to the next course of the NYE menu, I used originally grouper, but now I have a recipe that uses snapper instead. Of course you can change the fish to any fish you like, there are no limits.

I serve the snapper with a small lobster tail, parsnip puree and roast cocktail tomatoes. All has a bit of a Mediterranean flavor to it, is light and just simply yummy. It is easy to prepare and a success id guaranteed with any dinner party.

The tomatoes I cook at the very end, just drizzled with olive oil, a bit salt and pepper out of the mill, then I put it in the salamander or in the oven with top heat only. It just takes a couple of minutes and they are cooked

Parsnip is another ingredient that I simply love. It is actually the root of parsley, but over the years the root became a vegetable for itself. The flavor is awesome, I can't describe it any different. It has hints of parsley, but much more mellow, it even has hints of celeriac, but again, just so subtle., it is really a great winter vegetable. Of course it can be roasted or made as a soup, in any way you do it, it will be just great

So, let's go ahead to the recipe, very simple, step by step. You can easily prepare something ahead as well, like the parsnip puree, so at the end you just have to put everything together


400 G Grouper Fillet
600 G Lobster tail
10 G Salt 1 G Pepper
50 Ml Olive oil

400 G Parsnip
100 Ml Cream
50 G Butter
7 G Salt
1 G Pepper

100 Ml Chardonnay
150 G Butter
35 Ml Cream
40 G Parsley
40 G Dill

350 G Cherry Tomatoes

Cut the grouper in exact squares
Season the fish and fry in olive oil
Cut the lobster tail in half, season and fry in olive oil

Peel the parsnip and cut in cubes
Cook in salt water till soft
Blend, add butter and cream
Season to taste

Reduce Chardonnay till half
Add cream, boil up
Whisk up with ice cold butter
Chop herbs very fine
Add the herbs just before serving, season to taste

Roast Cherry tomatoes under salamander with a little olive oil, salt and pepper

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