Monday, November 5, 2012

Exploring Accra: Cavaliere Pazzo Restaurant

Finally I went to a new restaurant, it doesn't happen too often as after a hard weeks work I like to relax at home and just cook something simple like a little BBQ or have the pleasure that my fiancee cooks for me.
This time we went to an Italian restaurant called Cavaliere Pazzo, situated at the Polo Club in Accra. Just hearing Polo you can imagine that the food is not cheap....really not, is actually more on the pricey side, very pricey.....ok, at the end of the meal I was happy that the hotel paid for.
I could unfortunately not go with my Fiancee to this restaurant as it was actually a business dinner. I am showing the new Chef de Cuisine around town that he can see our closest competition. He will have the pleasure to see 7 of the top restaurants here in Accra in the next 10 days, I will go with him to eat at three of them, yummy, so expect more revues.
The food overall was actually very good, there is no complaint. The atmosphere is nice, even so I thought a little on the cold side, but overall very nice. As soon as we sat we got some lovely fresh bread, toast, fresh tomato salsa, olive oil and balsamic, as it should be in a good Italian restaurant. So the evening started well.
The menu is not too big but has a nice choice of everything. The Ravioli and Gnocchi we had were all home made and the sauces very flavorful. It was a bit on the rich side, but the flavor was excellent. I had the gnocchi with smoked salmon and my opposite had the ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta in a lovely tomato sauce
The mains we went for beef, he had a beef fillet with mushroom sauce and fried rice (which wasn't fried rice) and I had a sliced filled with rocket lettuce and Parmesan. Both meats cooked to perfection, the sauce rich and mine a little too strong with the balsamic, but that is now really looking for faults which really weren't, I am just a picky chef I guess.
We gave the desserts a skip as we were full with the 2 courses, pasta and gnocchi are main courses and are not served in half portions. Pity as the food is lovely and we wanted to taste more different dishes.
Then came the bill and I realized that it says on the menu that the tax is not there was another 15% on top of the bill which was a bit of a shock to me....yes, yes, I should have read the menu more careful. So the bill came to 260 GHC (130 USD) for the meal, a nice meal but over priced as we had no wine, just some beer
Would I go again? It is more a place for special occasions and if the Hotel thinks I have to go and pays, yes I would.......

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