Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exploring Ghana: Makola Market

We had a really interesting outing, we went to Makola. Makola is a part of Accra one cannot miss because it is basically the city centre and it is one huge market. It is so big one easily can loose direction, especially when going into the small alleys.

We went on the busiest day of the week, Saturday, and the roads were packed. There are people everywhere and goods are so far into the road that it is difficult for cars to pass. Sometimes everything comes to a complete stand and nothing is moving. Then one hears people shouting at each other....of course I have no idea what they say, but for sure it is not just positive encouragement.....and then it starts moving again.

Being a chef my eyes are always open to see new foods....not necessarily that I would try them as I am not hosting some fancy TV show eating all sorts of strange foods, but I love to make photos and then ask how everything is eaten.

The guy with his Kebab stand was not impressed that I photographed him, but did not buy a kebab....the whole stand just did not invite me to eat and I just had a lovely breakfast. Later talking to the staff in the hotel they all know the guy as the kebab man.....he seems to have his stand there since ages.
Then something really strange came. A lady carrying cow feet on her head. These were huge cow feet and of course I had to find out what is done with them. They are actually dried and then are used to make soups or stews......lovely, kids tonight mommy cooked your favorite, cow feet soup.....just imagine. But Stephen, my friend at the hotel, his eyes lit up when he talked about cow feet, he loves them.
Then there was a lady selling pies, not cooked the traditional way in the oven, no, just simply deep fried. Heavy food, so here as well I gave it a skip.

The normal transportation mode is carrying everything on the head. Sometimes this must get very heavy, but there is no other way to be able to transport so many nappies all at once. It is amazing to see the ladies here in Ghana how everything is carried on the head. When one stops at a red light there are many sellers going from car to car and everything is carried on the head. Try doing that for a full day!

We must have spent close to 2 hours on the market, there is everything for sale, from tooth paste to shoes, perfume, food, sweets.....and of course cow feet. The prices are a lot cheaper than in the normal shops, the tooth paste we bought was a third of the normal price, so was about everything else.
Is it safe?
Generally I think so, but of course it is like everywhere else, one has to be careful and don't flash your money and jewellery. I made the photos with my phone so I don't have to carry my big camera. Sometimes when one goes into the small alley it can get a bit scary, but after all the time we spent there, I had absolutely no hassles. Of course everybody calls you and tries to get you to their shop, being a white man I heard Obruni all the time, the word for us pale faces here in Ghana. The people do this Gssssss, Gssssss! This is only to draw your attention. It is done everywhere, even in restaurants if you need something, so don't be offended by it.
It was a great outing and surely not the last time that we go to Makola. It is a hustling and bustling place, just simply amazing to see.


  1. I would love to just travel around visiting the world's markets! Great photos!

  2. Thank you Danelle.
    I love the travelling but since I am not on ships anymore it has become a bit quieter. But I am sure sometimes I will go into my memory bank with all the photos I made and will tell many stories of markets around the world. Stay tuned for more

  3. I have been traveling though have not reached Ghana yet. I am loving the street food you have shared. I do explore all kinds of street food when I travel and had a great time in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.

  4. Dear Navaneetham
    Thank you for your comment. Yes I love markets, I have seem them all over the world and there are still so many I want to see. I have some other Blogs about markets and street food which are quite fun to read.

  5. Hi there:
    Thanks for visiting my blog and glad that I checkout your site. So envy of you having the chances traveling around and doing what you love. Knwoing you been to NZ before too, me too love the oyster and white baits there :-)
    Not sure you try pork in NZ? Compare to Ghana pork, which one more smelly? :-)

  6. Hello
    Thanks for visiting back. Yes the oysters and whitebait are great. As for the pork, generally NZ beats Ghana hands down. The pork is very strong here and it took a long time to find a good supplier. They even agreed to change the feed to make the meat quality better. Unfortunately there are still a lot of producers adding Fish Powder to the feed and over time the meat flavor is changing. My supplier is now using only Soy as protein

  7. great shot, thanks a lot for sharing .

  8. Thank you very much, it is more fun doing things if one can share them later

  9. Glad you enjoyed the tour. The market is walking distance to the hotel and it is like being in a totally different world

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