Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cajun Chicken Salad

Mmmmmm Cajun Chicken is a lovely dish, so I thought to spice the normal chicken salad up a bit I will marinate my chicken breast in Cajun spices, then roast it in the oven. Then I deep fried some plantain which go wonderfully with the spicyness of the chicken. The dressing then is vhili infused, and a bit of sugar in it as well, so the combination is really tantalizing

It is actually one of our new salads we will serve on the new a la carte menu and all the readers of this blog are lucky as I am busy with doing all the recipes and photos, I can share them with you here on the blog

50 G Lollo Rosso
50 G Endive
50 G Radicchio
50 G lettuce local
20 G Italian parsley
1 Kg Chicken breast
50 G Cajun spice
1 Kg Plantain
75 Ml Plain oil
25 Ml Cider vinegar
10 G Chili, red salt pepper
10 G sugar


Wash all the lettuce leaves
Rub the chicken breast with Cajun spice
Heat the oil and fry in the pan till colored
Finish off in the oven, make sure the breast stay juicy
Cool the chicken down
Slice, one breast per person
Deep fry the plantain

Dress Chicken and plantain on top of the lettuce


  1. You are a star for linking up such nice salads. Isn't there now a great collection of salad ideas. And more are still coming in. Cheers

    PS Fancy you having met Sir Ed!

  2. Thank you Carol. I like to share recipes, and to see them on your collection of Friday recipes is always great

    I guess I was furtunate to meet some amazing people during my time on the ships


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