Monday, November 1, 2010

Charleston, South Caroline

OK, I just have to write a little travel blog about Charleston in South Carolina. It is the first time that I am here and I have to be honest, I didn’t expect much. So to my great surprise, Charleston is a beautiful city with so much history and historical building, just amazing. I think Charleston is the perfect place to spend a coupe of relaxing days, take in the Southern charm of this city, have some very fine meals and rnjoy life.

After being on board for far too long without going out (all my mistake) I was really looking forward to explore Charleston a bit and wow, it is amazing. It is a very romantic old town with little alleys, loads of trees and plenty of little restaurants, pubs and bars. Everything is beautifully renovated and all one wants to do is sipping on a Latte, have a Croissant and sit in one of the beautiful cafes.

I think Charleston is a paradise for art lovers, so many galleries and as well for photographers. There are plenty of picture opportunities so one is absolutely in heaven.

It is Halloween at the moment cannot see it when strolling through the old town, it is just so picture perfect, one can really feel the history in these walls. The weather is a lot warmer than just 2 days ago in Baltimore, so everybody enjoys the warm days, especially so late in the year. It is just perfect to relax a bit in the park close to the ship. So Charleston really has surprised me and I have to say that it is a great and beautiful city.

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