Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cape Winelands for Kids

There is so much to do while in the beautiful Cape. I went with friends on a special outing for the kids. Sometimes they need a little treat too and if the weather is nice it is worthwhile to have a little drive out towards Stellenbosch. There is a wine estate called Eaglevlei and for everybody who wants a little bit of gourmet food and have the kids happy at the same time, this is the place to go.

The main attraction for the kids is the huge jungle gym. The gym is so big that even with 30 or 40 kids it is still not overly full. There are always other kids so they will have a guaranteed good time.

The kids menu is great, little smiley faces as fries, small hot dogs and hamburgers, just what one needs to get them going. And then as a dessert a little treat, a marshmallow ice cream with sweets in it and some crumbles, great idea.

The menu for the grownups is fantastic too, but careful, the portions are huge. We had a Biltong (South African Beef Jerky) plate with is a little pie, a soup, an ice cream and a bit roasted game. It was under the starter section, but could have easily gone through as a main course. Then as a main course we had the oxtail poijie, a wonderfully tender oxtail stew served in an iron pot and I had the Pork belly, huge, huge, huge, but really nice. The novelty there was that instead of an apple sauce they served it with an apple sour ice cream which actually went very well with the rich pork belly.
Dessert then was....we still had a brulee Amarula cheese cake, again very nice with a light coffee ice cream but heavy. The espresso is Illy, so top quality and just what we needed to end of a lovely lunch.
The wine of is from the estate itself, we opted for the Viognier, 2009, a lovely wine, light but with enough body to it.

The kids.... ah yes they had so much fun, there were a couple of puddles so you can imagine how they looked like. They made plenty of friends and had just a wonderful time

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