Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flying South African Airways

You guess it right, I am in the air again, but it looks like it is the last time for a little while, at least the next four month as I will be based on the same ship for that time. As the title for this blog already says, I took South African Airways, one of my favourite airlines. OK, maybe it is because I live in South Africa and support anything South African or it is that I have never had a bad experience with this airline when it comes to flying.

What I like already is that there is more leg space than in many other airlines which makes long hauls a lot easier. I was flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg and then via Dakar to New York which is a 17 hour long trip, so it is very much appreciated to have these couple of extra centimetres.
Since they renovated all the airports in South Africa for the Football World cup the check in is so much easier. Cape Town International Airport is an absolute dream, no comparison with the old one. Check in is easy, everything is good to find, nice restaurants and good shopping, even on the domestic side. I love this airport.

The same with Johannesburg; one finds everything easy, check in is quick and the facilities are great. The shopping is outstanding and of course everything is brand spanking new. Like this flying already starts well.

As I already mentioned, South African Airways did again a great job. The service was outstanding, the food was good, ok the sandwich was a little weak, some sloppy wrap with beef inside, nothing to write about, but then the hot meal was very good and nicely presented. The choice of course the usual beef or chicken and I opted for the chicken, very tasty and good, no complaints.

The movie choice could have been a bit better, but I guess if one doesn’t fly too often it is perfectly fine. I slept quite a bit on the way so it didn’t matter too much. The service passes often with refreshments, so one is very well looked after.

Now I spend the day in New York but I don’t even want to go into the hotel here, check in time is late so there is no way to catch a train to the city as we are out at the airport, but at least one can relax a little and get ready for the next day when I am back onboard the beautiful Celebrity Summit.


  1. Nice to hear a review of SAA's food from a chef. I run South Africa Travel Online, and spend a lot of time scouring the web for quality blog entries to showcase to our readers. I'm happy to say that I've linked to this entry from our South African Airways page. Happy travelling and keep up the great writing.

  2. Thank you very much. As I am flying a lot and on different airlines so it is nice to write about them. Keep your eyes open for more to come, next will be Qatar Airways and then Philippines before indulging in some Mediterranean stories and food

  3. Did you also fly with one of the budget airlines like kulula and mango? Or did you just use south african airways for your saa flights

  4. I haven't used any budget airlines in SA for a long time, I flew kulula many years ago. The company I work for pays for all my flights, so I have very little say in what airline I fly, still rate SAA as one of the best!


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